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OOC Information
Name: Frika
Timezone: EST (GMT-5)
Journal: [personal profile] freakanature06
Player Contact: [ profile] freakanature06

IC Information
Name: Biscuit Krueger (Bisky)
Canon: Hunter x Hunter
Gender: Female
Age: 57 (She looks like she’s 12 though most of the time. But her true form shows her age. Which is part of why she doesn’t like looking like that.)
History: Here she is on the wiki.
Personality: There is a lot of depth to Bisky’s personality that does not come out upon first meeting her. A large reason for that is that Bisky herself would go out of her way to act a certain way until she feels that someone needs to see who she truly is. It is all a part of the facade that Bisky puts on in order to seem like she is a lot younger than she actually is, allowing her to seem much less threatening and making people underestimate her - which is very good for her.

So, initially, Bisky seems like nothing more than a normal 12-year-old girl. She seems flighty and easily delighted and weak. And while she can be easily delighted and flighty at times, these are not the only parts of her personality, no matter how much she tries to pretend like that’s all there is to her. As she grows closer to someone, she might allow them to see more of who she really is.

The easiest way to get close enough to learn more about Bisky is to become one of her students. She immediately opens up to anyone that she takes on as a pupil. In reality, Bisky is actually a very self-determined, loud, and bossy sort of person. She is very sure of herself and willing to pick out the weak points of any person she is dealing with in order to make them stronger in the long run. She likes beautiful things, and that includes people. So if she finds a person who has a lot of potential but is not using them, she wants to polish them to a shine and make them the most beautiful and perfect gems that she can. Even if there are flaws in their character, she will want to make them shine as brightly as they possibly can because everyone deserves to reach their full potential.

At the very depth of her core, though, Bisky is an easily-delighted, insecure little girl, just like the facade she puts on. She doesn’t like the way she looks, so she pretends that she doesn’t look that way, and she wants to be seen as a little girl, so she pretends that she is. If you somehow manage to get close enough to her for her to show you her true form for even a moment, you will know that she really trusts you whole-heartedly.

So, essentially, Bisky is a hard-headed woman who is willing to do whatever to surround herself with beautiful people and things and she is strong enough and intelligent enough to back up any decisions that she makes with sheer force alone.

Physical Strength/Speed/Reflexes/Perception Bisky has spent a very large chunk of her 57 years training herself to be the best at what she does. This is very easy to see in just how strong she is in so many regards. All those years of training have paid off and Bisky is very strong, very fast, and very perceptive to the world around her as a result.
Intelligent Again, because she’s been around for so long and faced off against all kinds of enemies, Bisky is a very intelligent person. She is also really big on training people to become strong like she is, so that has boosted her intelligence quite a bit as well.
Nen Nen is the power of spirit that exists in the Hunter x Hunter world. Bisky is a master of Nen after having trained in it and trained others for so many years. The link provides a better description than what I could give for all of the unique things that her personal Nen can do.

Keepsakes/Mementos: Bisky would have a large collection of cute dresses. She would also have lots of cute accessories to go with her outfits, as well as some precious gems like this one.
Sample: The first thought that went through Bisky’s head was that this couldn’t possibly be happening to her. There was nothing in the world that could have landed her in such an awful predicament, no way that she was facing down the fear of mortality that should have still been years and years into the future for her, no possible explanation for why such awful, rotten luck would have come crashing down on her suddenly. It was all too much to take in and too terrifying to consider, and yet here she was, watching as her own arm was ripped from her body and thrown aside as if it were nothing.

And it was even worse than that. She had transformed, bringing out her full potential to face such a terrible foe, and somehow they were still managing to tear her limb from limb, destroying her piece by piece as she fought ruthlessly against her slow, impending doom. Bisky had never been one to run away, to give up, for any reason, but for the first time she was starting to think that she might need to flee. Of course, the thought came much too late into her mind, as her legs were torn away and tossed aside like so much garbage, leaving her with one arm and her teeth to contend with the monster before her, not exactly a pleasant prospect as she was sure her opponent would taste nothing like the sweets that she preferred.

She had never expected to come face to face with a vicious, militant Chimera Ant. They had mostly been eradicated after everything that had happened in the NGL and Bisky had no idea how one could have gotten so terribly far away from the border. But apparently a few had made it through unscathed and branched out into the wide world to stake their claim, and Bisky had just had the misfortune of running into one. One that was a lot stronger than she was.

That simple fact was enough to make Bisky uncertain if what she was going through was actually happening. There had never been a foe that had so utterly destroyed her from the moment the battle started. Sure, there were some who were stronger than her, but she had always been able to hold her own to some extent. But not now. As the last of her limbs was ripped from her body, she watched it fly, letting her eyes land on the Chimera Ant in question. It seemed to have intelligence, at least, and Bisky consoled herself with that fact - that no mere brute could actually best her. All the same, the look in its eyes was feral and for the briefest of moments, Bisky actually felt fear for herself.

And then the world went dark as her head separated from her body. No doubt the Ant had thought she would react much the same way its own species did and that it would have time to gloat to her about how much better it was than her, but the sweet relief of death was all that waited for her. No villain’s speech of victory, just a quite bewilderment followed up immediately by a gentle blackness.

Mindset: You can bet your bottom that Bisky is going to be working her ass off to find a way to get out of this place. She has things to do and she REALLY DOUBTS that she would have died so easily and so suddenly. >=T
G̶̶l̨͡i̵͢t̷c͝͠h̕é͠s̷̷͡: The only things that would really scare/disturb Bisky would be the fates of her pupils. If she saw that Gon or Killua or Wing had wound up in a bad place or been killed, that would be more than enough to upset her and put her on edge. Also, any destroyed gem stones would upset her beyond reason. Those poor, beautiful gems...


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